The Simply Clean Cookbook



GET The Simply Clean  Cookbook (instant download for only $4.99! )- over 70 fabulous recipes.

The recipes in this book are not only DELICIOUS & SIMPLE but they also just happen to be Gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free.

If you want to be inspired to try a foodie version of clean recipes, these are my client favorites. I originally wrote the Simply Clean Cookbook because when I was creating my Clean & Clear Cleanse, I found that many recipes that work for an elimination diet are B-O-R-I-N-G and bland, and uninspiring.Well, that didn't cut it for me.

I love great food and I have trained in Italy with some amazing chef's as well as being a person who cooks a TON and will NOT eat food I don't LOVE for the sake of health.

I believe that food needs to be delicious even if you are wanting to cook without the foods that so many of us are sensitive to like, gluten,dairy, soy, corn, sugar and eggs. So this is a compilation of recipes that will keep you excited about your meals, even on an elimination diet program.

Make no mistake, there is NO deprivation here. These recipes are time tested by hundreds of my clients who over the years have given me feedback that they never knew they could eat such GORGEOUS food while doing GORGEOUS things for their bodies!

The Cookbook includes:

  • Main Events
  • Savory Soups
  • Beautiful Beans & Grains
  • Vibrant Veggies & Greens
  • Nourishing Nibbles & Nosh
  • Sumptuous Smoothies & Drinks
  • Delectable Dressings and Sauces
  • Basic Insider Tips & Tools for cooking

GET The Simply Clean Cookbook (instant download for only $4.99! )- over 70 fabulous recipes.

Let's get cooking' Good Lookin'!

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