• Just need 1 Tune Up Session?
  • Just need 1 Tune Up Session?

Just need 1 Tune Up Session?



Your investment: $225.00 (to be used in 1 month) 

What's inside:

A  peek at some things we can jump into together:

  • Body Image: learn to ditch the negative self talk and mental patterns that keep you wedged in a cycle of gain-lose-GAIN. We’ll also explore the reasons why those voices pop up for you in the first place... and how to show them the door.
  • Conquering cravings: why do burning desires for cookies, doughnuts, or chips hit you like a freight train like clockwork? What triggers them? And how can you reverse-engineer those cravings to heal them, finally?
  • What’s keeping it on: if you’re having a hard time shaking off those first or last 10 pounds, we’ll uncover exactly what’s keeping you in stuck, and how to solve it
  • Tuning in, stepping up: learn how to listen in for the needs of your lovely lady body as she maneuvers through the changes and dips on life’s road
  • Making it stick: we’ll explore what permanent change really means, and how to put it to work - for a deliciously nourished body and life
  • Supplement secrets: there’s a sea of advice about vitamins and other dietary add-ons that might be confusing you completely. I’ll teach and guide you around supplements  specifically for you, to cut through the BS, and help you demystify exactly what your body needs
  • The motivated mojo mindset: we’ll go over strategies to keep you excited about your path, and equipped with the education to support the new body and lifestyle you’ve been moving towards.
(to be used in 1 month) 

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