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Anyone can write a bunch of jazzy hoopla on a website about what they do. But to me, THIS is what counts: My Amazing clients getting the Real results they want!



Whether it's your mind, your mojo or your derriere, Lisa has got you covered. I call her my; Body + Mind, Secret Sauce. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and she is uncanny in cutting to the root of any situation, no matter what I hit her with. My life is fast paced and fairly, shall I say: high profile, and Lisa helps keep me strong, both inside and out.  I have Lisa on "retainer" because of the value I place on my time with her. I've consistently had better results with her, than I have had with any other type of health support I've experienced.   I trust her implicitly.  I love that Lisa has an easy going California style, all while being laser sharp, sublimely intuitive and GREAT fun to work with.  If you can get her on speed dial, by all means DO.

Sarah Berman, Attorney


Working with Lisa Spencer has brought me to the lowest weight of my adult life; I now weigh less than I did as a fat (it's true!) adolescent. And I feel about a million times better because Lisa taught me how to fix my digestion, curing some problems that numerous doctors and other experts had never been able to help me solve. She's deeply knowledgeable, very inventive and extremely fun. Lisa has my trust, and my deep gratitude.

Max Daniels

When I signed  up for Lisa's Clean & Clear Cleanse, and I received the materials I knew that the program was going to be very powerful.  

I also knew it was going to require some organizing on my part to make the cleanse as simple as possible and  I was somewhat apprehensive because I thought I might feel deprived of foods I normally eat, which seemed generally healthy, but weren't all on the cleanse.

Either way, it was so worth the effort because now I know what I really enjoy and that is:

  • feeling clear and light
  • not relying on caffeine and sugar while feeling calmly energized. 
  • feeling completely nourished & satisfied by my meals and lifestyle.

It's been over almost a year since I did my initial cleanse (just starting my second modified version now), and I've not only kept the weight off, but I'm so excited to be back training hard (after taking 3 years off), getting prepped & more fit to ski the down hill leg in the upcoming Ski to Sea Race. 

The whole experience was a game changer for me. I learned so much about myself and how to eat in the best way for me, and now I simply enjoy delicious whole foods more than ever. The shifts I have made fit seamlessly into my healthier, happier, lifestyle.

What is it like to work with Lisa?  

Lisa has been an incredibly valuable resource both throughout  the cleanse and now afterwards with follow up consultations on supplements, foods, exercise and maintaining an overall empowering mindset.  She is an amazing inspiration for me, both in her ageless beauty ( inside and out) and in her general vibe: She is so relaxed & laid back,  all while being meticulously organized & brilliant in her impressive volume of knowledge around health, diet and lifestyle.  I plan to utilize Lisa's professional consultation for the rest of my life.

Working with Lisa both privately, and through the Clean & Clear Cleanse have totally rocked my world and I can highly recommend her and her programs

Heather Othmer, Real Estate Broker

When I came across Lisa's website & blog and found her Clean & Clear program, I knew it was the body reset I needed.  I had had a very difficult year and I needed to set aside some time to take care of myself.  I was experiencing a lot of inflammation and pain as well as difficulty sleeping.  When I downloaded the materials for the cleanse I was thrilled, as it was very informative and detailed and I love to be informed! I was also excited about the cook book/and recipe planning tools because it made shopping/cooking for the 21 days a piece of cake (no pun intended!).

Initially I was challenged by some detox symptoms especially fatigue the first week.  The food was yummy and after the initial period, I had a big reduction in inflammation, much less joint pain, I lost weight, had better mental clarity, better skin, more energy and I definitely had more mojo and felt empowered about knowing how to take better care of my health.  I experienced JOY everyday and was thrilled to be investing in ME.  How awesome is that???!

As far as working with Lisa: You gain total access to Lisa Spencer and her knowledge & expertise during this program.  She has an incredible communication style, imparting new and important information in a fun and interactional manner.  It's like having a personal coach for 3+ weeks.  I felt like a celebrity! LOVE her and recommend her highly.  She gets results!

Connie Grant, Co-President
 Tochterman Management Group


As a physician & woman who helps women look & feel their best, I walk the talk: I generally eat very healthily and take good care of myself.  I'm a skeptic about terms like "detoxification" and hyped up claims about cleansing programs, but Lisa is very knowledgeable, and I trust her. When I heard about her Clean & Clear program I was interested in trying it because I wanted to have a little more energy and to sleep better.  Both of these things were benefits of the cleanse but my other results were excellent as well: I dropped some weight, minimized my sugar cravings, greatly improved my digestion, learned some enjoyable new self care practices, and now I feel more clear about what foods simply fuel me the best. Also, this might sound corny, but I simply have a better overall sense of well-being: I feel leaner, lighter & HEALTHIER. As for working with Lisa, I am happy to endorse her.  All of her materials are top notch and whenever I had a question she was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond.  If you are interested in trying a good solid plan, I can highly recommend this one.

Dr. Jodie Reinertson


I heard about Lisa from friend of mine who looks healthy & fantastic. She simply RAVED about Lisa and her programs so I checked out her website…well, OK..I more like, stalked her website, LOL, because I was really interested (Okay… desperate.) to make some changes so I could feel better, and lose weight.

I needed a jumpstart to get there, and I was ready! The cleanse seemed like a great idea.

Well, here are just some of my results: I have lost 40 pounds total between 2 cleanses 6 months apart (yeah, yeah, Lisa told me that is more than typical, but I'll TAKE IT!). And I've kept it off! I have tons of energy, my allergies are GONE, my blood pressure is normal again, my cholesterol is in a healthy range-without having to take medications anymore, my skin looks great, and I feel empowered about the future of my health and how I look. I love this way of eating and living, and I simply have no desire to go back to what I was eating and drinking before. If you're thinking about trying this program I'd say: Get 'er Done!

And by the way: Lisa. You have been an angel in my pocket! Thank you. You've done more than you know.

Lisa Rocks!

Cynthia Sarver
Le Claire, Iowa








I have actually tried ALOT of cleanses and this by far was THE BEST!  I originally heard about Lisa's Clean & Clear Cleanse from some friends who were psyched about doing it, so I decided to join them.  When I first downloaded the program playbook, recipes & journal I thought: Yay! I love a good plan! I have to admit the first 3 days, I was hungry and didn't feel great.  After that? I had SO MUCH STINKIN' ENERGY!  I feel leaner and lighter, I've lost body fat (and YES this is quantitative, I measure everything.) I have more mojo, and I feel better than I thought I could.    If you are considering this program it is absolutely a great program & value, if you are thinking about doing it, let me know and I'll join you! 


Anne Marie Faiola-CEO Brambleberry
 The Soap Queen




Lisa's Clean & Clear Cleanse? I have had so many fantastic results on this program, but the most pivotal?  My sugar cravings went away unbelievably fast, not a small thing in my book.  I have lost weight and I feel amazingly light. I'm just a few pounds away from my goal weight!  I finally feel I can make good decisions about food without feeling deprived.  If I could describe my experience on this program with Lisa in one sentence, I'd say:  It was absolutely OVER the top in the best way!  Thank you, Lisa!

Jackie Johnston

The Clean & Clear Cleanse, with Lisa? I lost weight, my mental clarity is great and now I know what foods work the best for me! I'm empowered about how I look and feel. Choosing to do this cleanse with Lisa? The best money, I have EVER spent!

Tirzah Woods Interior Designer, ASID

Before embracing Lisa's, Clean & Clear Cleanse program, I had no idea what foods were working for me or were slowing me down. Lisa's program made the entire discovery process not only extremely informative, but also fun! I got so much more than I expected. The materials were simple and clear to follow and Lisa was at the ready, always available to answer any questions I had. Her encouragement and support were solid throughout. I consider myself fairly well versed in food and nutrition but to my surprise, I learned so much more about food and got a great introduction to supplements to further optimize my health. Her program felt decadent too in that during the detox, I learned about how to make a bath luxurious and how to treat my skin like a day at the spa. I've never felt better. And just when I didn't think it could get any better, Lisa's program also included a book of fantastically simple, nutritious and delicious meals. I now have so many memorized! Today I feel great eating foods that work for my body specifically and am clear on which foods my body isn't crazy about; those are now treats I'll take in just every now and then. Lisa's program should be called, "Feel Amazing!" 

Maureen O' Sullivan
Professional Life and Weight Loss Coach

I was interested in trying the Clean & Clear Cleanse, because I was tired of being tired & sore all the time.  I decided I needed to really change up how I have been caring for myself.  I was really excited when I got the program details and the recipe book.  For once, a cleanse with REAL food, and no fasting or weird juicing program!  I love the food, & the recipes.

What was really pivotal for me was that Lisa kept reminding us to take extra time for ourselves.  I really took this to heart.  And I put this into practice and I loved it, because before the cleanse, time for myself was like, ZERO.  After the initial adjustmenst on the cleanse I started losing weight, had clearer skin, noticing more giddy-up in my step and I felt physically soo great.  I now feel I have a new standard for caring for myself & maintaining my health.  I still enjoy my morning smoothies and I know I can pop back and do another cleanse with Lisa in the future and be successful.  I can recommend working with Lisa by simply saying this: It was the best investment I've made in myself in years!

Lisa, YOU Rock, Girlie!

                                                                                                                                                                                  Ann Renee Mann


When one of my best friends told me about Lisa & her cleanse she said it was a Must Do.  I was ready for a change and I was intrigued by the idea of getting back to whole foods.  Initially it was a challenge to plan my meals for the first week, but Lisa's support was solid throughout from the private facebook page, to the timely and inspiring short informative audio recordings, & regular emails during the program. She knows what you are experiencing and stays just one step ahead so you know what to expect.  Even though I didn't have time to participate in the Facebook page often, I enjoyed keeping up with the other members and seeing what everyone was sharing and by being inspired by all the shared recipes & delicious food photos.  I also loved the recipes in Lisa's Simply Clean Cookbook and her Saffron Halibut is most excellent!

If you are ready for a positive change, this program is SO worth it!

Cathy Stewart, Interior Designer

I had heard about Lisa through friends, and I was interested in working with Lisa and trying her Clean & Clear Cleanse, because I was ready to take my health and self awareness to the next level. What was fantastic about working with her,  is that I became empowered & inspired knowing I now have great tools to actually make my health my #1 priority.I also know I can live and function at high level without coffee, and still have tons of energy AND sleep like a baby.  The cleanse also made me feel amazingly clear headed, healthy and light and BTW, my SKIN looks amazing! Thank you, Lisa!

Debbie Biery, Broker, ABR


This was the boost I needed.  I feel great and I must be looking good because a friend pulled me aside and asked me if I'd: had a little work done.  As Lively Lisa would say: FABULOUS!

Carolyn O'connor
New York, NY

I am someone who generally eats well and works out regularly, but I went through a phase where I couldn't stay consistent.  I was putting on weight and feeling tired all the time. .  I felt I needed some guidance and inspiration and to try something new.  This program really helped me get dialed in!  I lost 5 pounds that I'd been struggling with but even more than that,  I feel so much better.  I feel like I got the old energetic 'me' back, who I had been missing!  I'm even back to training for a marathon which I'm very excited about, because honestly, I had been feeling like those days were over.  Thank you Lisa for being there from start to finish.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Kim Sanford  
Phoenix, Arizona

More Kind things people are saying…….

This recent note, is the kind of email that makes me LOVE the work I do with people around lifelong emotional eating and & body image issues:

"Today is my 38th Birthday, and I feel great. I think it was around this time last year when, in a desperate search, I found you online and we started working together at the beginning of the year. I can't thank you enough for the work we did together. I can honestly say that our work was the catalyst for the changes I've made, and I want you to know that I will always be incredibly grateful. I feel stronger and sexier, yes, I said sexy, than I ever have in my life! I never thought I would feel sexy, or that I would walk into Victoria's Secret with confidence, and actually ENJOY myself, let alone think my body was actually "good enough" to adorn with pretty lingerie!"

I've attached a recent picture of myself and my good friend…you can see I'm getting my sexy on.

I thought you might enjoy an update and to know that I'm forever grateful.

Love, C.T.

(full name withheld, but gratefulness graciously offered so that others can see what's possible)

WOW, if a picture could talk..what a transformation! Talk about lightening up from the inside out!
"Lisa, I thought I'd drop you an email and let you know that I just got some lab reports back from before the cleanse & after. In addition to the 16 pounds I lost on the cleanse, my overall cholesterol went from191 to 120

I am still enjoying most of the food I was eating on the cleanse, and for the most part, and it is not hard. Honestly, I feel so much better, so it's great motivation. PLUS I have NOT gained any weight back as a matter of fact, I lost 4 pound this December, so I am delighted!!! If I can keep my cholesterol down through my next Dr. visit (which should be no problem) I will go off the simvastatin = yippee!!!

I can't thank you enough – this has been such a fabulous experience and I am SO GLAD Claire told me about it! Hopefully my two friends will come through, if not this time, then next time, which will probably be Spring, right? PLEASE let me know because by them I will be ready to do another cleanse myself!

CIAO FOR NOW back to you –

G. L. Davenport
G. L. Davenport, Iowa

I am absolutely thrilled to have Lisa on board as one of my certified coaches. She has great leadership energy and a wonderful rapport with her clients. 

Brooke Castillo
The Life Coach School


Lisa Spencer is committed to living a beautiful life of her own unique design. Over the years, I've witnessed in her what can only be described as the "anti-aging" effect. Lisa has always looked good. She has always maintained a healthy life style. However, as her nutritional philosophies and self knowledge have strengthened and matured, Lisa has settled into an astonishing radiance. Call it happiness, call it contentment or call it second youth, sign me up! This year, I spent four vacation days with Lisa and left her home feeling more content with myself, more aware of my own body's unique functional needs and also inspired and motivated to succeed in each veranda of my life. By example and through teaching, Lisa Spencer unveils the subtleties of the mind/body connection.

Allison Abraham


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