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I imagine you are here because you have been craving something new for yourself & you’re wanting to look and feel your best?


 Maybe you have been deeply aware that you need to make some changes for quite some time, but you’ve been putting your health – read: self, on the back burner for so long you don’t know where to start.

Well, Hello, I’ve been hoping you’d pop by!

I’m Lisa Spencer CHC, FLT, AADP.

I’m a Certified health, weight + lifestyle coach. The creator of the Clean & Clear Bodywise Cleanse the Simply Clean Cookbook and and author of the soon-to-be-released Lean & Clean Foodie.

I want to live in world where:

  • Food is simple, delicious + beautiful
  • Exercise is elegant & exhilarating - people think Audrey, not Arnold
  • Laughter is worshipped over busy-ness
  • and people anticipate life over 40 with a sense of Awe & Adventure

Welcome to my home on the web! I’m so glad you made it. Kick off your heels, brew a cup of tea, & stay a while…. New in town?

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