Fabulous Freebies!


The 10 best Superfood smoothies EVER, and The most delicious Clean & Lean “Foodie Approved” Recipes my clients love most

1) Fabulous Freebie #1: Smooth-a-Luscious = the 10 best Smoothies EVER
Let’s face it: Knowing how to make a deliciously amazing smoothie, is an art. Knowing how to make the best smoothie that will nourish YOU on a bio-individual level, and keep you feeling AMAZING is all about saavy nutritional know how. This book has it all: Why smoothies are a short cut to vibrant health, how to make the perfect one for YOU, and how to make them so delicious that your own jumpstart to feeling & looking fabulous is one simple step you can easily incorporate into your day!

2) Fabulous Freebie # 2 Simply Clean Sampler = my Foodie Approved most
raved about recipes

Want to try eating Clean & Lean, but afraid the food will taste like cardboard and you’ll immediately begin to feel the need for a new pair of Birkenstocks? Not on my watch! Get a sample of my very best recipes. These are 10 of the most luscious. delicious & SIMPLE recipes that also just happen to be Gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free. If you want to be inspired to try a foodie version of clean & lean recipes, these are my client favorites!


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