Clean & Clear Anytime DIY 21 Day Cleanse!


The Clean & Clear Do-it-Yourself Bodywise Cleanse is:

A fully customized, 21-day getaway from toxins, imbalances, and
afternoon slumps.
Your step-by-step transition to healthier lifestyle.
The delicious, healthy turbo-boost you’ve been waiting for.
It’s time to find out what your body needs, and what fuels her.

Here’s the deal, sweet friend:

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re like a lot of my clients:

You’ve been feeling fat, bloated, stressed, and cranky lately. 
(No shame in that game – I’ve been there too.)

You might drink a little more coffee or wine than you’d like to admit.

You habitually put your precious needs behind work, family obligations, etc… and you’re starting to feel it.

You may be struggling with chronic inflammatory conditions like:

  • bloating & digestive issues
  • sleep issues (waking up at 4 AM, anyone?)
  • joint pain
  • high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure
  • sugar & carb cravings 
  • fatigue
  • stubborn weight loss & belly fat
  • lack of general mojo

Your energy’s gone, and sometimes you wonder, “Maybe this is just what life is like over 40.”

(Hint: absolutely not!)

The good news:

These signs simply mean your body is a little out of whack. Your body needs to detoxify and you may be bogged down by “inflammation”.

The better news:

You can bring it back into balance.

It’s time to wipe the slate clean –
With the Clean & Clear Bodywise Cleanse.

I get it.

You probably already know a lot about nutrition. After all, there’s a ton of information out there – sometimes, a little too much!

But even with all your knowledge, you just don’t feel your best – and you’re totally confused about what to eat. (To SOY or not to SOY? Vegan or Paleo?) Besides, your schedule is too hectic to juice all day, and hit the gym all night.

You want to tune in to your body… but you’re not sure where to start.

You’re ready to try a new way of eating, so you can look and feel your best (and very possibly fix your digestion, lose stubborn belly fat,  lower your cholesterol and blood pressure along the way!)

If you’re ready to find your way out of that feel-like-crap, over-40 craziness.
The search is over.

This is the deliciously detoxifying reset boost your body & metabolism has been waiting for.


For the START WHENEVER YOU ARE READY “go at your own pace”, self-starter peeps


A 30-minute 1-1 coaching call with me
FULL  M-F access to my inbox for email support during the three weeks
Daily emails & short Clean & Clear audio recordings
The fabulous Clean & Clear Playbook (featuring shopping lists, self-care practices, and more)
The Simply Clean & Flavorific Cookbook (with over 70 recipes)
The Clean & Clear Discovery Journal
All the Medical grade nutriceutical supplements I recommend.
A few surprises (I can’t help it – I just l-o-v-e handing out extra goodies!)

Here’s a snapshot of what’s on the menu:

  • Incorporate fresh, healthy foods into your diet easily with rockin’ recipes, & shopping lists galore
  • Release those stubborn extra pounds including that ‘fluffy belly’ area (the average loss in my last group was between 12 and 16 pounds!)
  • Detoxify and reboot your body & metabolism, to start with a clean slate
  • Kick your “gotta have it” sugar-cravings to where the sun don’t shine!
  • Pinpoint your food allergies, so you can stop eating the stuff that makes you feel bloated, and zaps your energy.
  • Get the lowdown on detoxifying supplements & nutrient-dense smoothies, so you can feel fabulous, FASTER.
  • Age retroactively, thanks to your body’s re-calibrated ability to absorb nutrient-dense foods and eliminate more toxins. Translation: You will look FABULOUS.
  • Increase your energy & mental mojo. It’s game ON girl! No apologies.
  • Experience self-care practices that deeply nourish you (as in, more than that bottle of wine or late-night vent session with your lady friends)
  • Reduce those achy, puffy inflammation symptoms.
  • Ditch yo-yo diets and the deprivation mindset for good
  • Feel better than you thought you could – I hear this over and over as a result of this program…seriously.
  • Give your digestive system and liver a break so they can focus on flushing out toxins that can make you feel foggy, tired, bloated etc.
  • Explore your relationship to food, so you can learn to have a mind-body connection that will help you SUSTAIN all the amazing, positive changes you make.


PLEASE NOTE: The structured aspect of the Clean & Clear Cleanse may not be appropriate for someone with an eating disorder, or someone with a pattern of chronic, obsessive dieting. Please consult with me if you have further questions.

How The Clean & Clear Bodywise Program Works:

You’ll be introduced to a tasty, simple, foodie-friendly version of a whole foods lifestyle.

That means I’ll be introducing you to a wide range of healthy and deeply nourishing foods while removing (or taking a vacation from) the most frequently toxic or allergenic foods from your diet.

This does a few fabulous things:

  • Encourages the elimination of built-up waste in your system in just three days
  • Eases you into the 3 detoxification and cleansing weeks

We’ll discuss all of this in our pre-cleanse session, so you get set up for success.

This is also when you’ll be introduced to my private Members-Only Facebook Page, where you can ask questions, share experiences with like-minded people, inspire others and be inspired for the duration of the cleanse!

For 21 days, you’ll go deep into cellular detoxification, focusing on specific foods and nutrients that will support the liver to process and eliminate toxins that are stored in your fat cells.

This step includes:

  • Supplements to turbocharge your road to cleansing
  • One or two meal replacement smoothies to stabililze your blood sugar and other hormones

The smoothies will replace approximately 21-42 meals throughout 3 weeks. I’ll be there to help you customize the program to meet you where you are!

Now, it’s time to fit what you’ve learned into your day-to-day life!

You’ll transition with a systematic reintroduction to the foods you were previously eating, so we can identify and make note of any reactions that signal sensitivities or intolerances to foods.

Translation: we’ll find out exactly what’s causing those pesky cravings, gastrointestinal damage, inflammation, and weight loss resistance.

This process is the key to helping you determine what your bio-individual needs are, so you can create the most nourishing, healing food and lifestyle choices for YOU.

The Clean & Clear Bodywise Breakdown:

1. A 30-minute 1-on-one Private Coaching call with me, including a health and detox assessment prior to starting your program. We’ll pinpoint exactly what your individual goals and challenges are, so you can be totally clear and empowered moving forward.In this session we tweak the program, so the cleanse is a perfect fit for your individual goals. ($130.00 value)

2. Daily emails & short Clean & Clear audio recordings full of all of the guidance & inspiration you will need at each stage of your cleanse
Think of it as sitting in my virtual living room, chatting it up with me about all the things that you’re going to experience while you are getting Clean & Clear.I keep the audio recording short(4-5 minutes), pertinent & inspiring so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule and feel motivated when you need it most ($275.00 value)

3. Unlimited email coaching with me M-F for 30 days, so you can ask questions and get additional support when you need it.When was the last time you had that kind of access when you needed it for your health or weight loss goals? This is a time when it is all about YOU! ($375.00 value)

4. The fabulous Playbook (instant download), beautifully packed with everything you’ll need to know to rock this cleanse.The Playbook includes:


  • Pre-cleanse Preparation & Planning,
  • Detailed and easy to follow food lists & guidelines,
  • Shopping lists
  • Weekly menu planners,
  • Self care practices
  • All the information on why and how to do everything so you feel confident and excited about diving into the program.

The best part? You can keep it forever, and use it over and over again anytime you want to refresh & reboot. ($50.00 value)

5. The Simply Clean & Flavorific Cookbook (instant download), with over 70 fabulous recipes. The Cookbook includes:


  • Main Events
  • Savory Soups
  • Beautiful Beans & Grains
  • Vibrant Veggies & Greens
  • Nourishing Nibbles & Nosh
  • Sumptuous Smoothies & Drinks
  • Delectable Dressings and Sauces
  • Basic Insider Tips,
  • Cooking & Prep charts – all beautifully laid out in full color ($25.00 value)

6. The Clean & Clear Discovery Journal  (instant download)The Discovery Journal includes:


  • Daily food journals
  • A detailed food reintroduction log
  • Intelligent, healing questions
  • Motivating ideas to help you have a positive, strong mindset while you grow and learn with this program.($15.00 value)




7. All of the Medical grade nutriceutical supplements I recommend to have a powerfully healing and detoxifying experience. Supplements include either Thorne Products:

  • Liver Cleanse,
  • Floramend Probiotic
  • Fibermend-hypoallergenic super efficient fiber blend, and
  • Medipro Vegan Vanilla or Chocolate – Blood sugar balancing, detoxifying & delicious shake mix.

or Metagenics Products:

  • Advaclear-Liver & tissue Cleanse
  • Ultraflora Balance Probiotic
  • Metafiber-hypoallergenic super efficient fiber blend
  • Ultraclear Plus PH Vanilla- Blood sugar balancing, detoxifying & delicious shake mix. We will decide which kit will be best for YOU.($150.00 – $174.00 value)

8. A few bonus goodies to make your experience extra fabulous!
(I can’t help it – I just l-o-v-e surprises!)

9. You get my total commitment to your success. 
This is what I do – and this is what I love. I’ve guided hundreds of folks on this carefully-crafted program, and have seen so many women (and men) have had such great results with this transforming cleanse.

Total Cleanse Value: $995.00
(program all supplements included!)
YOUR INVESTMENT: Reg: $297.00 now for Spring Special Offer $247.00 (expires March 30, 2015)


It’s time to meet your Healthiest Clean & Clear Self!

Get Started on the DIY NOW!

Total Cleanse Value: $995.00
(program all supplements included!)
YOUR INVESTMENT: Reg: $297.00 now for Spring Special Offer $247.00
Spring Offer Expires March 30, 2015

Note: After your purchase, you’ll get a welcome email, PLUS details to register for
your 30-minute one-on-one session with me either in person or by phone or skype.  I can’t wait to meet you!

I can’t wait for you to get on your way to clean and clear!Other details will follow via your inbox and your supplements and products will arrive via UPS within approx 10 days.

Ciao for now,

P.S. I’m sorry, but I cannot send supplements outside of the US.